Mega Aulia

micro-blogging or quote-posting?

a week gone by the breeze and it's Friday already. After quitting Twitter, I realized something: I barely writing my thoughts there. I made this bearblog with the intention to replace my Twitter, but once I backed off Twitter, I have no purpose writing anything. Without an endless stream of tweets, I have nothing to write--or maybe, to comment.

This made me think a lot about my unconscious endless-scroll before. What did I need--a place to vent, a place to micro-blogging as the app was for, or I just love to comment other people? I thought I will use this blog to "write about my day, just as I am using twitter before", but even before, I didn't use to write about my day. Weird.

Anyway, today's the long weekend, finally, before long holiday for eid. I should be happy, except work piled up already, and I can see myself taking overtime in this weekend so I can take long holiday with a biiiit relaxed mind.

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