Mega Aulia

notes are my treasure (sort of)

Kenapa ya, kalau udah dewasa, waktu kayaknya lebih sedikit? Sebentar ke sini, sebentar ke sana. Ingin melakukan ini, tapi juga harus melakukan yang itu. Baru mau pergi ke satu tempat, sudah harus pergi ke tempat yang lain.

At these times I’m grateful that writing is my hobby. Karena modalnya murah. I’m literally writing this on my phone notes app. Agak bete sih karena apple notes gak support markdown tapi ya udah.

Moving my journals to Bear made me contemplative. i’ve been making intricate dashboards for my day to day life at notion but they end up unused—i keep go to the direct category/page using search because I hate having to understand before diving in for writing.

I love categorization ability though. My notes are ready when I need it; can keep archive and several active notes at the same time, without feeling overwhelmed. So i still need my Notion afterall. But i need to plan how to make writing more comfortable and easier… right now I write in notes app then copy-pasted it to notion for archival.

Oh and one thing that I hate about notion: its closed gate nature. Exporting is hard and complicated, and the data arent even portable. At first the features are promising, but now im thinking about what-ifs condition and i’m forced to move all my notes? Should i go back to plain ol’ docs? As for now, I’m looking for free, flexible alternative, but still navigable. (Google docs again, really?)

Haven’t buy American royals part iv so i read what i have in kindle which is it ends with us by colleen hoover l. If i was 10 years younger i might like it. Now, not so much lol.

Lets see whatever happens tomorrow since i have many things to do…

Till tomorrow, Mega

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