Mega Aulia

observations about myself

Today is the second day I need to commute by myself. I feel super duper tired. Might be because a big deadline is approaching and I am getting stressed. Maybe because I need to change public transport three times for commuting to my home. Or that I still have leftover work to do so my vendors can continue their share of work.

I realized that commute home with my partner everyday made a significant impact to my tiredness. (Also the fact that he drives.) We work in different companies but commute to and fro everyday, when he didn’t have to go for his business trip. We can chat and have a sense of togetherness every time we commute together.

Lately we've been doing great in doing house chores. Every time we get home we divide tasks and have dinner together. Then we watch some show on netflix and sleep. It’s a mundane life but I love it so much. Especially since my husband often taking business trips and I have big deadlines every other day.

I don’t even have time to call Dad or Gran. I have very little energy left after working and communicating with other people on my job, and they only take phone-calls, not texts. I need to phone them soon…. I haven’t seen them since ramadan, too. I spent eid at my in-laws, and two big events waiting right after eid holiday.

And now, I need to do my dishes, sweep floor a bit, have dinner, and send some emails. Hope my low energy help me.

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